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Trail Blazer!

“You, my friend, married or single, female or male, you are blazing a trail with your life for the younger women and men behind you. They will have their own overgrowth to challenge them, and they will lead the way for others. BECAUSE you are making away for them, saving them some pain that your bloodied arms prove is real, and honoring their footsteps by providing a clear path. You get the chance to live COURAGEOUSLY. You were meant for it. You were born for it. It NEVER feels easy, and it NEVER is free. But it is what we want more than anything else. Never forget as you step forward with your life that you are a trailblazer.” -100 Days to Brave

On February 14, 2012 we bravely started blazing a trail. Faithfully following God’s calling in our hearts. With a not yet 2-year old in tow and 6 bags we were ready for an EXCITING and a MINDBLOWING adventure!!

Missionary life. . . is not what I expected. It is not grand or sparkly. I am not confident in every decision. I don’t have answers to every question. And I don’t have amazing stories, to put in a book, that millions of people want to read.

BUT. . . choosing to live courageously, stepping into the hard, unknown and undefined gives God limitless opportunities to bless.


He wants us to THRIVE. He wants us to work HARD, dream BIG, and PROSPER through tough, tough times.

But to do so we have to want it more than anything else. We have to trust his leading and plan more than anything else.

As I am writing this, I am listening to the song Rise by Katy Perry. It begins with these words:

“I won’t just survive, you will see me thrive.”

Never forget as you step forward with your life you are a trailblazer. . . for yourself, your family and for those that follow!

WE are meant for it. WE are born for it. BUT . . . It won’t be easy.

Let’s live courageously, step into the hard, unknown and undefined together!

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