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The Beginning

I didn’t grow up in a Christian home and I missed out on the “I love yous” from a father. My first memory is from under a bed. Tucked away with my brother, we listened to our parents’ fight. Days later, My mom, brother, and I were on a cross country bus to Idaho. At age four, I learned three very important lessons: Dads are not reliable, I was not important, and leave first because being left is worse. These thoughts have haunted me for years.


I was invited to church to meet boys. At my first camp, I saw the pastor behind the chapel kneel down and scoop up his two little girls racing into his arms. My heart cracked. I wanted that. I wanted to be loved like that. I wanted to be held like that. The pastor shared the Gospel that evening, and my heart was won. I was taught how to read my Bible and delight in prayer. I went on to study Bible and Theology at Multnomah University and pursue and MA in Theology at Biola University. A life of ministry took hold and has yet to release its grip.



Writer, teacher, speaker, mentor, and leader. I wet my feet in ministry alongside my husband, together leading a youth ministry of 300. I spent weeks of my summer mentoring, discipling, and cooking for hundreds in a wilderness setting without electricity and running water; and the fall leading high school Bible read-thrus. Then we spent 10 years leading the team in Hungary with the nonprofit organization Josiah Venture. We trained youth leaders and volunteers from churches across Hungary. In 2021 we were recruited by Union. Rob is currently the Director for Newton House, and I am the Tutor for Women and Student Welfare at Union School of Theology in Wales, UK. I am passionate about seeing the academy and the church bless each other. We need the diligence of theologians and the heart and experience of pastors to understand and live out the Word as Christ did.

A Suffering Servant

In my final years of high school, I suffered a debilitating soccer injury which re-flared when I gave birth to our 10lb bundle of joy. 2.5 years of suffering led to 2 spinal fluid leaks, paralysis from the waist down, and 100’s of doctor’s visits. The medical world can feel impossible in your first language, in a second language, it feels hopeless. A year into our lives as missionaries in Hungary, Rob was struggling with an invisible illness called MCS and I was grappling with persistent pain, muscle weakness and degeneration, celiac, and panic attacks.


Rob and I have found, our 6 years of suffering has deepened and refined our empathy and compassion. Pain is often invisible on the outside but all consuming on the inside.


We have spent 10+ years searching for answers and hunting for helpful tools. Here is a brief list of our top 4 things we have found helpful:


#1. A great doctor:

We chose a doctor was an educated doctor that starts with lots of exploration and, if possible, natural remedies. 


#2. Chemical and Scent free products:

            -7th Generation – Laundry detergent

            -Ecover Zero cleaning products

            -Native Deodorant


#3. Charcoal Air cleaners

            -E.L. Foust – the link is to the one we have throughout our home.

 #4. Plexus

            -Great, all natural supplements.



                        -Multi vitamins

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