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Updated: Feb 20, 2020

It was my senior year and I remember sitting in zero hour staring at the tv. . .


There was not a murmur just Silence.

Everyone was asking the same questions:

“Is that real?”

“Did that really just happen?”

I was at school early enough that we watch the towers smoke.

We watched people jump from windows.

We watched the buildings slowly and yet so quickly collapse.

I will never forget that day.

Men, women, husbands, wives, parents and children died that day and the days following.

It was a horrific tragedy!

But. . .

Americans put aside their differences and carried each other. For weeks and months people sacrificed for each other.

Some gave the greatest of sacrifices - their lives.

Some their time.

Some their money.

Together, we loved each other, cried for each other, prayed for each other, hurt for each other, encouraged each other, stood next to each other and held each other.

Let’s remember and never forget the importance and value of people. “God created them. In his Image he created them. He breathed life into them. He looked at his creation and he said, ‘Wow, this is really good!’”

Let’s love each other well! Let’s carry each other! Let’s sacrifice our lives, our finances and time. Lets love, honor and value life!

Hug your family and friends today!

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