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Loving the Skin, You’re In

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

At this very moment I am sitting across the table staring at my beautiful and perfect 3-year old daughter. She has thin, flowy blond hair and sparkly hazel eyes. She is adventurous, brave, and smart. She has a big smile, a contagious laugh and loves to dance around the living room. We look nothing alike on the outside, but I do have to admit we have some striking similarities on the inside.

I think she is perfect. But, at some point in her life she will be told she is anything but perfect.

Sooner than I would like, she will start noticing ads, reading Instagram posts, or listening to the critiques of others and begin to think, she isn’t perfect.

Curves. . . no curves Long legs. . . short legs Tummy. . . no tummy Big Eyes. . . little eyes Big Smile. . . small petite smile Thin hair. . . thick hair Long hair. . . short hair

When I was a kid the ideal body was thin and without curves. We wore baggie shirts and loose jeans.

Now the “ideal” body is curvy all over. Now it’s leggings and crop tops.

I am not sure what the ideal body will be when she is 12 or when she is 25 or 35. But, at some point in her life she will be discouraged. It might be during puberty, after the freshman 15 or after having a baby.

A women’s body is constantly changing. And the world is constantly changing its preferences on what the “ideal” body is.

My heart, for my daughter and for women around the world, yearns to change how the world looks at women. Women are made up of both the outside and the inside.

BUT. . . when we take care of the inside, that is when we become the women we want to be.

“Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and self-control.” “Be rooted and established in love.” Gal 5 & Eph 3

Women are beautiful, strong, determined, brilliant, and brave. Let’s teach our daughters they are to0.

-Read good books to challenge their brains -Give and serve others to grow their compassion and love for others -Eat healthy and Exercise to enjoy strong bodies -And encourage them to do hard things – to experience how brave they really are!

Deep in my Lilly’s heart and soul I want her to know she is created by the hands of God. Precious, beautiful, strong, kind, smart, and brave.

Together, we parents can help change the world by raising young women who value and care for both the inside and the outside!

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