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Finding Joy in the Crevices of 2020

Crunching leaves. . .

Crisp air . . .

Soft gloves . . .

Warm hats . . .

Apple cider.

On December 31, 2019 we celebrated the coming of a new year.

A year of expected and unexpected surprises.

A year of hopes and dreams.

New planners bought.

Trips scheduled.

Now, we sit at the end of 2020 with empty planners and canceled trips. More unexpected surprises than expected ones. Hearts worn from missing family and friends. Weariness of the unknown. And, sadness in our hearts as the fabric of America changes.

2020 has left some of us with deep crevices . . . and others with canyons.

2020 leaves many of us asking the question: Can God redeem crevices? Can God heal canyons?

Thinking about crevices and canyons I was reminded that the greatest cracks in the world are some of the most magnificent tourist destinations:

The breathtaking Grand Canyon . . .

The picturesque Niagara Falls . . .

The vast Copper Canyon . . .

And the remarkable Victoria Falls.

The beautiful song New Wine by Hillsong says:

“In the crushing In the pressing You are making New wine”

Crevices and canyons are made from devastation and erosion.

Constant pressure,

constant refining,

something new . . . something beautiful.

What is 2020 creating in you? I hope it is something breathtakingly beautiful.

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