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The Days are that are Ahead. . .

Empty sidewalks

No quacking ducks

No cars

Unnerving peace.

Questions of safety seeking to overrun my mind.

This morning reminded me of the moments in my school on 9-11.

September 11, 2001, I was in zero hour watching the buildings crumble to the grown.

Students sat in stunned silence.

The halls of our school were unsettlingly quiet.

Tears streaked the faces of many students.

Safety suddenly in question.

The future instantly feeling unknown.

19 years ago, a tragic and horrific day happened on American soil. Someone from “the outside” came and tried to change the fabric of American soil.

But. . . Americans partnered together saving many lives and caring for those who lost loved ones.

Another unspoken tragedy of 9-11 was some Christians went into hiding.

Some feeling insecure about their faith, hesitant to ask others their beliefs.

Others become combative and difficult to converse with.

Both, nervous to live out Christianity in public.

Both holding the greatest gift ever given, and unable to share it with others.


Christians believe in life! We cheer for babies, we fight for equality, and we lay down our lives for the needy. Christians deeply value life. No one who claims life, wants to be compared, to those claiming religion as a reason to take lives.

In a world, that is beginning to view all religion as dangerous, many Christians are struggling to know how to share their faith.

- - -

Today. . . people are still attacking people. But it is not “outsiders” coming in, it is our own attacking our own.

911 was a day of great tragedy but it followed by days of great compassion.

The last months have been filled, with tragedy and heart ache, but like 9-11, together we can follow them with days of even greater compassion than seen and experienced after 9-11.

Christians, together we can impact and possibly change the path of our country.

We claim God. . .the God of the Bible who is compassion. . . the God of the Bible who is just. . . the God of the Bible who is love.

Like 9-11, people are hurting. They need the compassion God offers. They need us to be bold and reflect the heart and character of God.

Together, shining light like Corrie Ten Boom, Eric Little, Hudson Taylor, Elisabeth Elliot and many more, we can impact this country for Christ.

There is a specialness of Christians. The kindness that flows from their pores. The love that seeps out everywhere. The encouragement they cannot help but bless others with.

The world needs limitless compassion. . .exactly what God gave us to give.

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